Austrian Robotics Workshop

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Austrian Robotics Workshop
The Austrian Robotics Workshop (ARW) emerged as a series of annual events by the Austrian robotics institutions,
during which there is an exchange of thoughts and ideas. This workshop has been taking place since the beginning
of the 21st century and is organized alternately by the individual robotics institutions in Austria, each time focusing on
different topics. During the workshops, students and young researchers from the individual institutions present their scientific
work and thus enter into a lively exchange of ideas with the other researchers from the other robotics institutions.
Industrial and service companies from the robotics field also present their current research questions as well as problems
from industrial practice as part of real-world application contributions.

ARW 2021
This year's Austrian Robotics Workshop (ARW2021) aims to provide special support for the topic of sensor technology
in addition to deepening the networking of Austrian robotics institutions.

Reliable sensor technology is increasingly becoming a key element for a successful robotics solution - equally in
the industrial sector as well as in the mobile robotics sector, where only sensors could enable successful navigation and
thus represent a further step towards reliable autonomous robots.

Introduction & Keynotes from the first day:
Sebastian Schlund (TU Wien) -  Democratization of Industrial Cobot Technology
Stephan M. Weiss (AAU Klagenfurt) - Multi-Sensor Fusion for Resilient State Estimation

Best Paper Award
In order to support young researchers, "Best Paper Awards" have been awarded for years at the Austrian Robotics Workshop,
both for the best student work and for the best research work. Thereby the attractiveness of the workshop series is
further enhanced for junior staff.

Proceedings ARW 2021:
High Potentials

Together with scientifical and industrial partners GMAR will be organizing a networking event in addition to the ARW 2021.
Our goal is to bring industry and Science together with our young acedemics from all over Austria.

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