Austrian Robotics Workshop

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The Austrian Robotics Workshop (ARW) emerged as a series of annual events by the Austrian robotics institutions, during which there is an exchange of thoughts and ideas. This workshop has been taking place since the beginning of the 21st century and is organized alternately by the individual robotics institutions in Austria, each time focusing on different topics.
ARW 2022
This year's Austrian Robotics Workshop (ARW2022) is focusing on the topic of “robotics for assistance and in healthcare”.  While being open to many facets of robotics, the ARW 2022 is including, but not limited to topics such asmobile manipulation, multi robot coordination, artificial intelligence for sustainability.

In order to support young researchers, "Best Paper Awards" have been awarded for years at the Austrian Robotics Workshop, both for the best student work and for the best research work. Thereby the attractiveness of the workshop series is further enhanced for junior staff.

Together with scientifical and industrial partners GMAR will be organizing a networking event in addition to the ARW 2021.
Our goal is to bring industry and Science together with our young acedemics from all over Austria.

During the workshops, students and young researchers from the individual institutions present their scientific work and thus enter into a lively exchange of ideas with the other researchers from the other robotics institutions. Industrial and service companies from the robotics field also present their current research questions as well as problems from industrial practice as part of real-world application contributions.

While robotics in general is a growing market segment, the areas of assistance systems covering especially also healthcare, therapy, rehabilitation and the like are predicted to grow above this common growth rate of about 12 %. Currently, these topics are subject to vivid research and have not yet been exploited to their full potential considering applications in real-world scenarios and transfer into the market. Consequently, we put this year’s focus to this topic hoping to push further developments and cooperations in the field.

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